Important information when buying
In stock

If you see that this work is available, this work completely coincides with the photo on the website. There are no any differences.


If you see that this work is in pre-order, it means this work is not in stock but it can be ordered. When buying by pre-order pay attention that ready works may differ slightly from photos on the website in shape, size, texture, color combinations. All ceramics on the site are made entirely by hand using spectacular glazes, so a 100% copy is not possible. I am against conveyor work, so my products are all one of a kind. Please take this fact into account when buying ceramics on pre-order. When pre-ordering, you pay 50% of the amount, the rest you pay when your order is ready or upon receipt.

No One

No One by Amaliya - it means that only you and no one else will have such a vase. No One is molded at all stages only manually, so even when ordering by pre-order, a copy is not possible. The shape may be similar, but the size, texture, shade will be different. All products of this series are exclusive and unique. I do not give names to the vases of this series. What is hidden behind each product, the viewer decides himself. The author's name, signature, and year of creation are written on the bottom of each No One product.


All jewelry is molded entirely by hand, so even if the shape of the jewelry is the same, it may differ slightly in color or size.

Individual order

If you want to order ceramics from me in a different variation, according to your size or in your color combinations for your interior - it is possible. I’d like to mention that I do not copy other masters’ works. You can order ceramics only on basis of my works by changing their size, texture, color. The maximum height of the vase can be 68 cm. It will take about 2 weeks for a personal order, it depends, all terms are agreed in advance. I’d like to add that your order will be my art, so it may not be an exact copy of what you want. I am creative and different day by day. So my modeling is. We are unpredictable and this is our and your future uniqueness.

If you are not happy with a ready work and you do not take it, but 20% of the cost will be withheld. For an individual order, write to me on Whatsapp or by email I will be glad to create something unique for you.