Hi, I'm Amaliya.
I've been doing ceramics for more than 15 years
Hi, I'm Amaliya.
I've been doing ceramics for more than 15 years
I graduated from the Faculty of Ceramics in Armenia, participated in many exhibitions, held my personal exhibitions in museums.

My works are sold in private galleries, galleries attached to museums, in various other stores. I have devoted all my life to ceramics, art in general, and I am grateful to God and my father for this. My works inspire and encourage people, which is the greatest value for me. There is no country where there are no my works and I am very happy about it.

I worked at plants, factories which manufacture ceramics, taught people and organized master classes. Many interiors are decorated with my ceramic items. As I also learned interior design, so I am perfect at it and know a lot of tips and tricks.

Many restaurants serve food on dishes created by me. Many chefs create their own taste masterpieces on plates designed and made by me. For many years I have been painting miniatures on ceramics and they have been sold all over the world. I worked in the fashion industry and I am a creator of awesome collections.
While working with ceramics, I have been staging and showing performances on the sand for a long time.
I fell in love with sand, this is a unique gift of nature. Sand is as flexible as clay in my hands, it has become my best friend as well. I decided to combine these 2 arts and sculpt on the sand. Now I live and sculpt in Dubai and create authentic ceramics for you. You can buy my unique ceramics and unusual porcelain for home and pleasure.
I will be glad to meet you.
Me and Dubai
My philosophy
My art is based on the philosophy of the brand: aesthetics, eco-friendly materials and handwork. My goal is to fill your home with light, warmth and cosiness, to create a special atmosphere of intimacy, harmony and make people a little happier every day, yes!

In these ceramics you see me and my love for home, the most important space where we are fulfilled with energy, love, joy, dreams, have insights, trust, forgive and love again, yes!

In these ceramics you see me and my love for uniqueness and authenticity. I show my personality to you and to the world by creating one of a kind items while touching the depths of my soul. I hope to inspire and encourage, yes!

In these ceramics you see me and my love for environmental friendliness, because this is the only way we will save our lives and our planet from toxicity, yes!

In these ceramics you see me and my love. I create with love for You.

My concept
Time is freezing while I’m sculpting... Clay is my tool which helps to take out beauty hidden in the depths of it and recreate in ceramics.

The ideas that inspire me can be different — nature, people, beautiful landscapes, architecture. All what I see gives inspiration for the main part of my work, understanding the absurdity of superficial observation. I interpret everything that wakes me up, from the context itself to details, a psychological tension between people, a state of mind, mood, or an opportunity to express some kind of joy or any other emotions. My goal is to get rid of a surface gloss on any object that I sculpt and capture its essence, capture the moment... something evocative, sometimes ordinary but always honest, not requiring a narrative.

I do not hide cracks on my products, on the contrary I make them visible, I do not erase fingerprints from modeling, but on the contrary I highlight them and make them noticeable. What I strive for as an artist is not to show a perfect product, but to make it imperfectly alive with its own character and unique voice in the interior.

Story telling
All my works seem to be alive and each has a story which you can read. This short story is devoted to feelings which I put in while sculpting. It's about emotions, about a temperament and character of each vase. This is what you perceive being close to art. Let each of you find your missing puzzle in my art and experience the feelings that are close to you. And me? I will sculpt and tell you some stories.