Gift cards
A gift certificate is a great gift when you don't know what to present. The certificate can be purchased for any amount in electronic or paper form. A paper gift certificate will be delivered to you within 3 days. If you need it earlier, write to me about it, or buy an electronic version. To issue a gift certificate, write to me on WhatsApp or email, see the contacts section.

A few clarifications

  • The gift certificate is valid for one month from the date of its purchase
  • The gift certificate cannot be refunded or exchanged for money
  • The certificate can only be used by the person who was given it
  • The rest sum of the certificate is not paid

If a certificate value is less than a value of goods, the buyer pays the difference.

Information for those who got a certificate as a present

If you were presented our gift certificate, I can congratulate you, your congratulators have a very elegant and unique taste and you are lucky to be familiar with them and get such an unforgettable gift. Please do not forget that your certificate has an expiration date, you can see it on the certificate itself.

When you have decided on the ceramics that you want to have, please make a screenshot (photo) of this product and send it to me by email or on WhatsApp along with a photo of your certificate.

I will carefully pack your choice and will be happy to send it to you.