Vase "Mystery"

Do you know why the desert is good? – he said.
– There are springs hiding somewhere in it…

Desert. Its deep defiance and its eternal confrontation lift the veil
over the mystery of its essence. A desert wants neither to fulfill
someone's dream nor to be what they want her to be. It does not keep
other people's footprints, proudly brushing them off with sand like
dust from elegant shoes. Its nature resists any molding, never
becoming the embodiment of someone's ideal. Its main aim is to mix all
the polarities erasing all the signs but to establish its mysterious
monotony. A place of beauty and mystery, a place of solitude and
peace, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, a
place where you can find yourself and connect with nature.

Do you know why the desert is good? – she said.
– There are secrets hidden somewhere in it…

I joined clay and sand of a desert, it has been my desire for a long
time. So I’ve done it by adding a piece of solar gold. Sand takes on a
golden tint in the sun, in daylight it gets the color of the desert.

Not recommended washing outside.

Please, pay attention that each product is one of a kind and unique so your order may differ slightly in the image in shape and glaze coating from the photo. Amaliya sculpts this series completely by hand, all products are similar but not the same, each item is a unique handwork art.

Heigh: 54 cm

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