Handbuilt Bowl

Do you want to distinguish your restaurant from others? It is important to show individuality. Pay attention to details, small things which create this unique atmosphere.

Food is important but perception of it and even its taste depend on its presentation. Dishes can help to implement an idea of chef, highlight a story and mood of food served on it. Make a right choice.

Nowadays designers create not just interiors of restaurants and houses but pieces of art that’s why classic ordinary tableware often do not fit there. Unusual utensils help to differ and not let people think, "Oh, I have the same white plate at home!". Quite the opposite: "Wow, what an unusual plate! Where do these utensils come from? What a beautiful dish presentation! I'll take a picture of it before I try it! You can see a lot of such posts on Instagram, on social networks, sent to friends with your restaurant tagged. Crockery is super important for the perception of the dish and the right associations with the place.

What differs my crockery from other? - It is unique and authentic, created at all stages completely by hand, so even if it is a replica, each item has own peculiarities. It is durable, resistant to temperature changes and 100% eco-friendly.
What is most important - despite the exclusivity of its exterior my ceramic utensil does not interrupt the beauty of food served on it but on the contrary emphasizes and enhances the taste of it.
You can choose dishes from those collections that are currently relevant or you can order your own tableware project. I will design it for you or your restaurant for free with care, taking into account the interior, your wishes in color and size. Be different from everyone else, choose uniqueness.

Diameter: 18 cm

Materials: teracote clay, matte black, inside the glaze

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