Candle in black ceramic

Talking calmly and gently, being able to listen to... yes!
Studying the history of art and finding your perfume ... yes!
Velvet, silk, cashmere and cotton... yes!
Light candles at home with a pleasant aroma. Have a walk in the evening. Value yourself and your time.
Ability to enjoy the moment. Tobacco, vanilla, clay and a little cinnamon... yes!
Natural vegetable soy wax, premium aroma oils, eco-friendly wooden wick, ceramics own-produced.
Fragrance — unisex "Mystery". A complex, rich and warm fragrance with an unexpected and modern character. Sweet and spicy vanilla, a multifaceted palette of spices and fragrant tobacco. Middle notes are aroma of cherry pits and cocoa. Base notes are woody accords and dried fruit.

These are not just ordinary candles but a stunning interior solution. Mix different colors to get your own composition. Use ceramics both for storage and as a beautiful interior detail after a candle burns out. All materials used in candles manufacture are of premium quality. Organic wax burns cleaner practically soot and ash-free, without increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is safe for the health of people suffering from allergies as well as for pregnant women and children. A wooden wick cracks
beautifully while burning. It may be a great gift.

Length: 21 cm

Width: 15 cm

Heigh: 4,5

Materials: stoneware clay, matte black, soy wax

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